The ThinkMath Global web service provides educators with research-based teaching materials to support mathematical skills learning at the beginning of their school career. The materials were designed for kindergarten, first and second grade children (aged approximately 5–8 years) who have weaknesses in mathematical skills.

Theoretical framework provides information about the core mathematical skills in this age groups. Furthermore, it includes knowledge about mathematical difficulties and factors that affect mathematical development. Knowledge about interventions related to supporting children with weak mathematical skills is also provided.

Materials section include intervention packages targeted for children needing more practice in core mathematical skills. All material can be downloaded as pdf files, free of charge. In addition, knowledge about skills that are being practiced and guidelines of explicit instruction are given.

The ThinkMath Global web service is based on the work of the Finnish ThinkMath project, operational during the years 2011 and 2016. During the first year, the teaching materials were planned, and in the subsequent three years, the materials were piloted in kindergartens and schools and adjustments were based on the basis of the feedback. This five-year project was funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. Later on, ThinkMath intervention studies have been conducted also in Norway and in South Africa.